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Consulting at PAM Solutions

We provide our clients with a large spectrum of consulting and advisory services that suit both personal and professional needs. Our professional staff have extensive experience working with clients, analyzing their needs and recommending a course of action. Below you will find a list of consulting services that we provide, however, please note that this is not a comprehensive list. For additional information regarding our services please phone us for a free consultation.

Consulting Services Offered

Strategic and Financial Planning

Whether our clients require personal financial assistance, or professional assistance for their business, PAM Solutions has the necessary tools and expertise to address both market segments. We understand that each client is unique and that each company must have a competitive advantage in order to succeed. Our staff at PAM Solutions will strategically determine the most optimal decision for its clients and provide them with recommendations and alternatives that would be suitable for them. Strategic and financial planning services include:

Incorporation and Registration of a Business
•Federal Incorporation and Name Search
•Provincial Registration
•Trade Name Registration
•Annual Mandatory Filing
•Minute Book Preparation and Design

Business Plan
•Business Plan Fully Documented
•Projections Updated as Required

Financial Planning*
•Short Term / Long Term Cash Flow Forecasting and Projections
•Strategic Business Growth Implementation
•Money Management Services

Trademark Consulting and Application Filing

Registering a trademark with the Canadian Intellectual Property Office is an important aspect for a business who wishes to protect an underlying intangible asset. Our professional staff at PAM Solutions have been exposed to trademark applications and are experienced to perform such services as requested. Due to our low overhead costs we will be able to provide this service at a much lower cost than what our competitors would charge for a comparable service. Please contact PAM Solutions for further information about our trademark application service and its applicable fees.

Essential Home and Business Services

PAM Solutions has partnered up with an international company to help promote services that are essential to any home or business. PAM Solutions is highly devoted to helping its clients save money while receiving the same quality service. We are able to provide our clients with comparable services to our competitors but at wholesale prices. Essential home and business services include:

Business Essential Services
•Credit Card and Debit Card Processing
•VoIP Business Phones
•Security Monitoring Systems
•Technical Support for Electronic Equipment
•Electricity and Natural Gas
Home Essential Services
•Digital and Wireless Phones
•Internet and Television
•Home Security Monitoring Systems
•Electricity and Natural Gas