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Accounting at PAM Solutions

Our commitment to our clients is that we will provide them with accurate and timely financial information on their business. Having up to date financial information will provide them with the opportunity to better forecast both their short term and long term goals. We will also provide our clients with recommendations that would be worthwhile for their company to implement. Below you will find a list of accounting services that we provide, however, please note that this is not a comprehensive list. For additional information regarding our services please phone us for a free consultation.

Accounting Services Offered

Professional Accounting Services*

We strive to provide accurate, and professional bookkeeping and related services for small to medium sized businesses. Our professional staff have been providing businesses and sole proprietors with bookkeeping and payroll services for many years and in diverse industries. Due to our low overhead costs we are able to provide our services at a very competitive rate. Professional accounting services include:

Bookkeeping Services
•Monthly / Quarterly / Annual Services
•Account Reconciliations
•Accounts Receivable Aged Listings
•Accounts Payable Aged Listings
•Inventory Management

Payroll Services
•Biweekly/Semi-monthly/Monthly Services
•Payroll Source Deduction Remittances
•T4 and T5 Filings at Yearend
•Records of Employment Preparation

Invoicing Services
•Pay-Per Invoice
•Regular Monthly Invoicing
•Option between Email or Paper Invoicing
•Systematic Tracking (Only for Bookkeeping Clients)

Financial Statement Compilation
•Balance Sheet
•Income Statement
•Cash flow Statement

Representation with Regulatory Bodies
•Direct communication with CRA
•Assistance with CRA Audits
•Assistance with Workers Compensation Filings

Taxation Services*

We are regularly educating ourselves as well as keeping up to date on new changes that are occurring within the Canadian taxation system so that we may better serve our clients at any given time. Our goal is to provide our clients with the most relevant information affecting their current and past tax situations, while at the same time helping them keep a larger portion of money in their own bank accounts. Taxation services include:

Personal Tax (T1) Preparation and Filing
•Personal Tax E-Filing
•Tax Returns for deceased individuals
•Self-Employed Income / Loss Computation
•Investment Income / Loss Computation
•Prior Years Tax Return Filing
•Appeals to Canada Revenue Agency

Tax Planning for Individuals and Businesses
•Related / Associated / Affiliated Analysis
•Sole Proprietor / Partnership / Incorporation
•Income versus Dividends Optimization
•Employee and Independent Contractor Analysis
•RRSP / TFSA – Advantages and Disadvantages
•Arm’s Length and Non Arm’s Length Transactions

Corporate Tax (T2) Preparation and Filing
•Corporate Tax E-Filing
•Investment Income / Loss Computation
•SR&ED Income Tax Incentive Program
•Appeals to Canada Revenue Agency

GST / HST Preparation and Filing
•GST / HST Registration
•GST / HST NetFile
•Quarterly / Annual Filing Services